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We will prepare internal guidelines, codes of ethics and we will help you with their implementation. We will assist you with implementing compliance programs, setting up control mechanisms and their enforcement and compliance.

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Anticipate troubles

We have extensive experience with implementing compliance in strongly regulated industries. We will gladly guide you through all potential problems that might wait for you in this field. We will be you advisors in forming corporate culture. We can also help with matters related to criminal liability of legal entities.

We are an advisor of the Czech Compliance Association (ČCA).

We can provide legal services and consultations in these areas:

  • Drafting internal guidelines (SOPs)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Compliance audit
  • Management of compliance audits in affiliates abroad
  • Implementation of anti-bribery rules
  • Setting up compliance programs
  • Setting up control mechanisms
  • Team trainings in the area of compliance and anti-bribery (with respect to the FCPA, UK Bribery Act a criminal liability under the Czech law)
  • Management of internal and external conflict of interest

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Use our experience to anticipate risks

We've helped to implement compliance programs in various companies in strongly regulated industries. We will help you too.

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What can you expect from our cooperation


Fast reactions

We study your documents or facts as soons as possible so we can give you an indication of what to do and then we focus on details and solutions.


Financial efficiency

We have a broad spectrum of clients and cases behind us. We can leverage that experience so we are not wasting your time and money by learning the basics.


Setup of processes

We will help you to set up processes so you can operate in compliance with applicable laws and improve your efficiency and legal safety.


Trainings for you and your team

We will tailor trainings for your management and other colleagues to help you with your specific needs in areas where you need to be internally able to help yourself.

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Our partnerships

Our carefully selected partnerships continuously improve our expertise and market knowledge. Thanks to that, we provide professional legal services, which we guarantee with our names.

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