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Our team has experience with solving complicated legal matters, many of us were part of international law firms environment, we lecture law and work with associations. Thanks to that we provide professional legal services, which we guarantee with our names.

  • Good knowledge of international companies
  • Connecting academia and business
  • Members of professional associations

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We simplify complex matters for you

While you invent new solutions and come up with new projects, we make sure you are legally safe in the Czech Republic. We simplify, make things easier and we do that without delays.

Igor Pieš | AK Kastner & Pieš

Mgr. Igor Pieš partner

“The greatest satisfaction is when clients and colleagues in the office are happy.”

Igor Pieš is a partner of our firm and he focuses on life science industry and legal aspects of IT. He helps his clients with legal regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices but also advises in general commercial and contractual matters, compliance and data protection.

He advises private clientele in the matters of family law.

Igor lectures several subjects at his alma mater – The Faculty of Law at the Charles University in Prague  – focused on regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, he also regularly leads workshops with focus on life sciences.

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Patrik Kastner | AK Kastner & Pieš

Mgr. Patrik Kastner counsel

“The development of our agenda goes hand in hand with how we get to know our clients as people.”

Patrik Kastner is one of founders of the firm and currently acts as a counsel. Patrik is focused on pharmaceutical industry and healthcare but also on general commercial and contractual matters in real estate. He focuses on advising his clients in regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, data protection, real estate, compliance and anti-bribery and advertising. 

Patrik is a longterm chairman of the local EFPIA association’s Ethics Committee (AIFP) and newest member of Czedma Ethics Committee. Patrik is a member of EFPIA Codes Committee a E&CC working groups EFPIA.

Patrik is a pro bono adviser of Život 90 charity, which provides services to senior people.

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Eliška Toušková | AK Kastner & Pieš

Mgr. Eliška Toušková Attorney-at-Law

“When choosing a legal advisor, don’t be afraid to go with your intuition.”

Eliška Toušková is focused on pharmaceutical industry and marketing, general commercial and contractual matters. She advises her clients with regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, compliance, data protection and advertising. For more than 3 years, Eliška was seconded as a compliance officer in one of the largest biotech companies where she led the compliance department for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Eliška consults particularly matters of advertising, she reviews marketing materials from both legal perspective but also from the perspective of rules applicable under EFPIA or MedTech. You can reach out to Eliška in matters of compliance, agreements with distributors, data processing of personal data in patient programs or regulatory matters.

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Veronika Rožnovská | AK Kastner & Pieš

Mgr. Bc. Veronika Rožnovská Attorney-at-Law

“I’m always pleased when we find a topic with clients outside of work, and thanks to that we can get to know each other better on a personal level.”

Veronika Rožnovská is focused on labour law, real estate and IT law. She negotiates commercial premises agreements, helps IT companies with legal aspects of their development, cloud services, data protection and general commercial agenda including employment relationships.

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Other members of our team

Jana Cimlerová | AK Kastner & Pieš

Mgr. Jana Cimlerová Associate

Vojtěch Růžička Student

Marta Šuráňová | AK Kastner & Pieš

Marta Chocholoušová Assistant

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We are hiring

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